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I was born near London and grew up in the South East of England but moved to the South West of England in my thirties. I lived there for 14 years before moving with my wife and son to the Costa Blanca Spain. After leaving grammar school, where I trained as a classical musician, and achieved good grades in public examinations, I studied Public Administration at the University of the South Bank, London I worked for over 16 years for the British Civil Service and was an IT specialist when I left the service. Since then I have worked in mainly customer focused jobs but started to teach English after moving to Spain. I have been teaching English as an on-line telephone teacher for six years but have also given face-to-face classes to individuals and small groups locally. I am passionate about making learning English enjoyable and aim to help my students fall in love with the English language. In August 2011 I attended an intensive teacher training course with Vaughan Systems in Madrid which has enabled me to hone my skills. Currently I have about 16 Chinese students ranging from 8 years old to 50, and 7 Spanish-speaking adult students who are taking Business English with me. I do not follow a rigid course but classes are tailored to each individual student’s needs.
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