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Information center - Information for Affilliates

Our monthly traffic is around 200,000 users; conversion rate is around 4-6%.

Our current market is Spain but we are aiming to increase the number of markets in the future.

Our system automatically tracks the traffic you generate to our site when your customers use your code provided to you. This code is found on the web page after logging in. Note that we still track customers who sign up for longer than the 6 months shown above if they have used your code.

We pay commission divided by product. We will pay for CPA, not CPL, in particular we have the following scheme: - 1€/day package (30€/month; 1 lesson/day): 20% (5€) commission to be paid only after the user successfully purchases the package (after a 7-days Trial period) - 99,00€ package (1 month; 5 lessons/month): 7€ commission - 289,00€ package (3 months; 5 lessons/month): 10€ commission - 564,00€ package (6 months; 5 lessons/month): 20€ commission - 194,00€ package (1 month; 10 lessons/month): 10€ commission - 579,00€ package (3 months; 10 lessons/month): 20€ commission - 1129,00€ package (6 months; 10 lessons/month): 50€ commission - 284,00€ package (1 month; 15 lessons/month): 10€ commission - 874,00€ package (3 months; 15 lessons/month): 30€ commission - 1694,00€ package (6 months; 15 lessons/month): 75€ commission

We offer 4 different plans because we want learning English to be accessible to all students. Our first plan, the Personal package, starts at 99€ a month and includes 5 classes. If you buy 3 months we charge 289€ and 6 months is 564€. Our next plan is the Business package. This includes 10 classes per month and starts at 194€ a month. We charge 579€ for 3 months and 1,129€ for 6 months. Next we have our Ultimate package. This includes 15 classes per month and starts at 284€ a month. We charge 874€ for 3 months and 1,694€ for 6 months. We recently launched our newest plan, 1€ English classes. This plan includes a 7 day trial period and is 1€ a day for a monthly subscription. Classes are Livestreamed daily for 1 hour.

We are selling online English classes to students who wish to become fluent in English. These classes take place via Skype for most of our plans or through a Livestream platform for the other plan we offer. Students can customize their class schedule to ensure that times are most convenient for them. Teachers use our English level test to personalize a curriculum according to the needs and goals of each student.

We pay up to 25% in commissions. There are no limits to what you can make in profits. You would love our detailed sales reporting and accurate commissions tracking systems.

To get started as a affiliate, first you’ll need to create a free account. Fill out the affiliate sign up form, which takes just a couple of minutes. Be sure to enter all of your contact information accurately, in case we need to contact you regarding your account and so we can send you your earnings.

You would be automatically logged in and redirected to your affiliate center after sign up and information would be sent to your account for future login.

Next you can choose any of our products to promote and generate you links. Alternatively you can refer users to the front page with your affiliate id in the link eg where NUM is your affiliate number.

Start tracking clicks and commissions on you affiliate center.