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My name is Donald Ellis Matlock. I would like to introduce myself, and express to you my sincere desire to obtain a teaching position within your company. I am a highly skilled and very enthusiastic ESL teacher with 10 years of experience and expertise teaching students of all ages and competency levels. My teaching history includes conducting sessions to both private-individuals and groups of all sizes, from young to not so young, beginner to advanced, and everything in between. By having taught students in such a wide range of platforms and environments, both virtual and face-to-face, I have developed and cultivated effective communication skills and motivational techniques which are utilized to make my lessons not only very enjoyable, but that also greatly enhance the student’s learning experience. I am very adept at creating and implementing “unique” ways of expressing language concepts. And when I successfully motivate and inspire a student, and then see the “light go on” in their eyes as they successfully grasp and apply the English concepts that I’ve presented them with, is the MOST gratifying reason that I teach. It is surely what brings me the most joy in teaching. I also love integrating task-based teaching techniques into my personal teaching style, because I feel that they can really help to develop a student’s target language fluency. I also don’t think that there is a better way to strengthen a student’s self-confidence, as they learn to apply their newly acquired language capabilities into real-life situations and scenarios. I also want to take a moment to express to you some of the additional qualities that I've developed as a teacher "inside the virtual classroom", which may not be able to be quantified on a printed resume, but that I believe are also very important: I am very engaging in a classroom environment, and the passion I have for what I am doing simply jumps off of the screen! Because I believe that students can “sense” if a teacher is passionate about what they are doing, and that they care about the students getting all they can out of the lesson. And that passion is something that is picked up on, and then reciprocated back to the teacher, which I believe greatly enhances the classroom environment. My passion for education is especially displayed in the learning experience I provide to younger students, with lessons that are not only engaging for them, but also easy for them to grasp, and geared towards their unique perspectives. I am also very intuitive inside the classroom, and I am able to determine, in real time, just what kind of prompt or direction a student might need in any given situation to reinforce the material being taught, so they can fully grasp and understand the message. Through vast “real-world” teaching experience I have developed the ability to sense when they may need a verbal reinforcement opportunity, or if they are more of a visual learner? These are important determinations that I am able to pin down rapidly, and then gear my presentation strategy to what best suits the student's learning methodology, as well as what would be most enjoyable for them. I am also very good at time management inside the platform, always being very conscious of how to pace the presentation of material; knowing when I need to concentrate, or linger on something, and also how and when to transition from one point to the next, so the flow inside the classroom is seamless. I achieve that flow by being a great multitasker; being able to concentrate on engaging the students by being 100% “in the moment”, and at the same time able to prepare some other tool that I may then present to seamlessly reinforce the point or topic that we as a class are sharing. I am also very adept at equally distributing time and opportunities to the different students within the classroom setting, which also greatly enhances the learning experience for all. Because rarely are any single group of students all learning at the same pace, even though they may be working at the same level. And I am very good at quickly determining these variations, and then performing the balancing act needed to include and engage all students equally, bringing along a slower student while at the same time keeping a more advanced student engaged and continuing to feel challenged and inspired. As a result, all of the students leave the class feeling like I was committed to them “personally”, and the class ratings and retention rates soar as a result of their satisfaction and enjoyment. And these are just some of the more important qualities I possess as a teacher which, along with my deep commitment to professionalism and presentation, would make me an asset to your company, and your teaching platform. Thank You, Donald Ellis Matlock
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