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Information center - About the courses

The success of rests on the principle that the best way to learn a foreign language is to speak and hear it constantly! We avoid traditional approaches that don't work. We are not interested in just giving you a diploma to decorate your wall, we are interested in helping you become fluent in English. You would learn theoretical grammar in a fun way while speaking English. Our teaching method combines all the elements needed for you to really learn with your teacher, supplemented by appropriate written course material as necessary. Our approach is unique and personalized by varying the subject content based on current issues and presenting topics that you are particularly interested in.

It is thanks to such a customized approach that we can so easily adapt to what you are looking for, whatever your level of ability, specific problem areas or aims, be it for business or personal needs. Whether you simply want to converse in another language, develop your reading and writing skills, or even revise for or prepare for specific English language exams (FCE, CAE, CPE, IETS, TOEFL, etc.), is the right choice for you.

We have chosen our top quality material and course outlines to guarantee the success of your English training. Based on your level, needs, and preferences, we select the course outline that is right for you. Your teacher uses the same outlines to guide you through your course. You can read the texts, complete the exercises, ask questions, do written tasks, and listen to your teacher and recordings just as you would in any classroom setting. Our chosen outline depends not only on your level, but also on your needs. Whether you would like to speak perfect English or you are preparing for an exam we tailor you specific course outline to fit based on tested methods.

All our teachers are native. We require our teachers to have a recognized English teaching certificate like TESOL, TEFL or equivalent and a minimum of 2 years teaching English. Each position has its own specific job requirements. Some positions require specific types of certification (teacher certification/licensing), while others have experience requirements. Unless otherwise specified in the job description, the basic requirement is a Bachelor’s degree in English literature. We pride ourselves in being the biggest collection of certified English native teachers on the Internet. We are dedicated to the continuous development of our lessons in modern techniques for impacting classes.

We have teachers from all around the world that are ready to connect with you and help you become fluent in English!

We have students from around the world that have seen success from their classes with

Having a personalized online class also allows students to receive constant feedback. Teachers are able to provide frequent updates on progress students are making because they have direct contact with students. Feedback is benneficial because students can keep track of how far along they are coming and what areas they need more work with.

We guarantee that online leanring is just as effective as face-to-face, if not more. In this online style classroom, students and teachers are able to personalize their class schedule. You are no longer restricted to classes that are only held at certain times. Online classes also allow you to be flexible with your location during class time and also eliminate the time it would take for transportation to and from school. Our online style also allows you to direct one on one contact with your teacher which you would not get in a classroom with other students. This makes class very personal and tailored to exactly what you need help improving.