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Information center - Information for companies

Investing in your employees is always a good strategy. So we have some special offers for companies. Our goal is to help your company speak English. We have created a special package for companies which includes our prepaid scratch cards for employees. The code found on the card allows the employee to register to our prepaid service and schedule their classes. Classes for companies can be adapted to meet your business environment. These courses are also deductible as employee training programs ( eg Fundación Tripartita para la Formación del Empleo in Spain). For more information Contact We provide an English language test to find out each student´s current proficiency level. Then students are assigned to a teacher. There are absolutely no robots involved and all of our classes are offered through video conferences with the use of other multimedia materials as aids. Students can also use a wide range of material available to them on their profile pages. Contact us for more information.