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Dr. Julie May Tofilon

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I have 24 years of experience in teaching ESL and Cross-Cultural Communication, and have lived and worked in 5 foreign countries. I have taught ESL online now for over two years. I have an earned Doctorate in Cross-Cultural Leadership, and bring that into my teaching. Having also been an exchange student in high school, I have learned 5 foreign languages and know the best ways to learn languages more effectively. I'd love to share them with you! My husband and I have also co-authored a two-part, multilevel ESL curriculum that has been published and currently in use by over 20,000 students in universities in China. More specifically, I have lived in Indonesia and taught ESL for the government there for 5 years; lived in Turkey for 6 years and did private tutoring there; lived in China for 3 years and taught both ESL and Cross-Cultural Communication in a university there. Here in the U.S., I have done private ESL tutoring and conversation groups on and off for 15 years. I have taken a number of graduate-level courses in TESL, and while in Indonesia, we received TESL training by the British Council for one year. I am happily married with two sons. In my spare time I enjoy playing instruments and writing music/songs, playing sports, time with family and friends, and taking nature walks. I also enjoy and thrive on anyone and anything intercultural :) In addition, I have a graduate certificate in Counseling, and heart to help people with any kind of emotional or relational need. Part of this is helping people from various cultures to understand and befriend each other.
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