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My name is Joanne and I am a British mother tongue teacher but now I live and teach English in Italy. I am so lucky that I can call this job my passion, I take so much pride in helping all my students achieve the best English they can in a short amount time. How have I become a successful teacher over the last 8 years? I have help so many students improve their English in a short amount of time. I am a motivated and energetic teacher that understands all students learn at different speeds. I teach you the English that you want to learn, guiding you in the right direction to achieving this. I teach Exam preparation, General and Business English. I have work in schools both public and private. I have worked also for some of the world's biggest companies like Gianni Versace and Takeda as well as Italian Army. Also for 2 years I have been teaching all kinds of English to students worldwide especially France, Italy and Spain..
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