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Hello everyone! My name is Latoya and I am from the beautiful island of Jamaica. I recently completed a Masters Degree in Management Studies and in 2005 I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Finance. I have attained my TEFL certification which has equipped me with the knowledge and skills to be a very efficient teacher. I have over nine (9) years of experience in customer service and have taught for approximately 10 years lecturing subjects such as English, Science and Math at the primary level and ESL at both the junior and adult level. I have taught adults and students of different cultures and from different countries including China and Taiwan. I love to teach and I believe that a lesson should be interactive and fun. I want you to have a good time learning a new language while feeling relaxed and comfortable. I can work on your pronunciation, expand your vocabulary, and set any goals you would like to accomplish. I am an energetic and entertaining person and look forward to working with you!
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