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I am an English teacher with four years experience teaching and a background including marketing businesses and journalism. After recently graduating from Cardiff University with a degree in English Language, I relocated to Chile where I am currently improving my Spanish and teaching English with eClass. I plan to return to England at the end of this year to start focusing on my Masters in Education. I have promoted businesses through both online and face to face negotiations in which time I learnt about which language to use and how to use it in a context of promoting various products. I have also written articles for promotional purposes such as events and websites. These experiences have introduced me to a line of work that is very much centred around language and as such, have helped to both broaden and improve my language teaching style, particularly in English for business purposes. My experiences volunteering at Bedgebury School in Kent have given me the opportunity to work closely with children in a more fun and interactive educational context. Many of my students at International Center in Calama, Chile were aged from 10-16 so there too I was able to gain experience with younger learners, preparing them for various examinations including IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC as well as giving them the necessary guidance for exchange programs to England and Europe. I'm a language lover. I reap the benefits that a second language provides and I live to share that with others.
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